All Porcelain Crowns

Dental Onlays in Costa Rica

This type of crown, made entirely of porcelain, is translucent, like natural tooth enamel, and it blends perfectly to natural tooth. Porcelain is a particular kind of ceramic built by stacking and firing.

The process for the fitting of these crowns is done in two dentist visits, and the procedure is similar to that of any other crown. With the help of dental putty, an impression of the tooth is taken, and the crown is custom designed in a dental laboratory.

Patients with an allergy to gold or any other metals are good candidates for all-porcelain crowns, due to it is highly biocompatible, reduced sensitivity, and has no allergic reactions.

All-porcelain crowns can be placed in cases of decayed teeth, large fillings, fractured fillings, when a tooth is broken or has a root canal, or for cosmetic enhancement.

The all-porcelain crowns have many advantages. They provide superior esthetic results, compared to traditional crowns, and add strength and protection. Their color is generally influenced by the natural tooth under them. However, when porcelain crowns are fused to metal, they have to be opaque to block out the color of the metal underneath.

This metal-free restorative solution is ideally suitable for patients who have reduced space inside their mouth. They are considered one of the most beautiful crowns that a tooth can get.