Biodentine Fillings

Biodentine fillings in Costa Rica

When it comes to biological dentistry, biodentine filling is an excellent option made of a dental material that serves the basic function of making the body heal by itself.

In accordance with a research by Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez and Universidad de Guadalajara, México, the dental materials based in calcium silicate are recognized for their biocompatibility and for including the formation of mineralized tissue, but they have not showed good mechanical properties and they are not easy to handle.

Biodentine is an active substitute of dentine, created with better characteristics than traditional dental materials based in calcium silicate. This new calcium silicate based product, which became commercially available in 2009, has great mechanic properties, it can be manipulated easily and it has an excellent biocompatibility.

Dr. Diego Orozco, biological dentist at America Dental, explains how this treatment works. “The first step is to place a capsule of biodentine in an amalgam machine during 30 seconds to mix it. When a paste is formed, this is placed in the patient’s tooth. Biodentine is generally removed in three or six months or even a year in some cases”.

US National Library of Medicine states that biodentine has a wide range of applications including endodontic repair, pulp capping, and can be used as a dentine replacement material in restorative dentistry like biodentine fillings.

Among the benefits of biodentine, Dr. Diego Orozco highlights the fact of having no dead organism in the mouth, prevent infection and, most importantly, the patients keep their own teeth.