Captek Nano Crown

The reinforced gold sub-structure Captek technology for dental crowns with chemically and mechanically bonded porcelain has improved by using new advanced materials with the latest in Nano technology.

Captek Nano Crowns are made of thinner but even stronger materials than the original Captek materials incorporating Nano particles within the internal structure, allowing the infusion of platinum and palladium into gold that produces and extremely dense and strong coping.

This unique “metal composite” technology offers the esthetics of metal-free restorations with versatility and strength of traditional metal ceramics. It has been clinically proven to significantly reduce plaque buildup and periodontal diseases.

The 84% reinforced gold coping is the reason for the strength and biocompatibility to gum tissue. The pure noble metals combination includes 5.3% platinum, 7.5% palladium.

Captek gold does not oxidize, eliminating the black or grey margin appearance. It is also corrosion free and plaque resistant, due to its advanced gold coping material is proven to reduce the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth structure.

The Captek Nano substructure is recommended in cases with high esthetic demand, and it also provides long term oral health. This is a healthy and esthetic option that will last for years.