Zirconia CubeX2 Crown

Fabricated from solid zirconia oxide material, CubeX2 restorations combine the durability of full-contour zirconia with the translucency of E-Max, making it ideal for premolar and incisal indications.

CubeX2 is strong enough for posterior crowns, but it is also used for the front teeth due to its lifelike shading and light transmission, reaching 49% of translucency. This restorative material is indicated for single crowns up to 3-unit bridgework in all tooth positions.

Preparation requirements are highly conservative. A 0.8 mm chamfer or rounded shoulder prep is preferred, what means less tooth preparation than is required for lithium disilicate, taking into account that a feather-edge margin with 1.0 to 1.5 occlusal reduction is acceptable.

The solid zirconia oxide material has a strong affinity for phosphate groups, taking advantage of this fact with phosphate-containing primers and cements, to increase bond strengths to zirconia oxide.

However, saliva also contains phosphates, and when a CubeX2 restoration comes in contact with saliva during the procedure, the phospholipids in the saliva bind to the zirconia oxide and cannot be rinsed out with water. Using Ivoclean, a zirconia oxide solution, is the only way to successfully clean it out.

When placing this type of crown, a polishing and finishing two-step system is recommended to quickly achieve maximum surface smoothness, enhancing restoration’s longevity and minimizing wear to opposing teeth.

Zirconium Overlay in Costa Rica