Emax Crown

A Premium option when a highly aesthetic crown is needed is the E-Max crown. This type of all-ceramic crown is frequently compared to zirconium crown, but with an even more translucent color, combined with extra strength and durability.

The prostheses made from E-Max are natural-looking, contain no metal and represent a major breakthrough in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. This top grade material is a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic, that’s the reason why this type of crown is also called lithium disilicate crown.

This material is used for medical purposes due to its longer lasting, and aesthetic qualities, what makes it highly prized. A Premium crown like this is likely to be more expensive than others.

E-Max restorations can help fix chipped or cracked teeth, decayed pieces, discolored or stained teeth, crooked structures, the shape or form of the teeth, and older dental work using metal.

Due to their transparent color and highly attractive appearance, E-Max crowns are the preferred option for anterior teeth because they match perfectly with the natural teeth that it is hard to notice the difference.

Compared to other type of crowns, E-Max crowns may not be suitable for everyone, so the dentist has to check if it is right for each patient. Depending on the state of the teeth, there may be some preparation involved, like an improvement of the shape, by using a small drill before taking the impression. The rest of the process is similar to that of any other crown.

E-max crown in Costa Rica