Empress Crown

Three quarter crown in Costa Rica

The dark line revealed between the gums and dental crowns was a concern before all-ceramic restorations were invented. In 1991, Empress dental crowns were designed to eliminate the dark fillings and black shadows the underlying metal that porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations usually expose. Empress is a popular metal-free restorative material used to fabricate dental crowns that look more like a real teeth than metal-based crowns, thanks to its translucency.

This material is an extremely homogeneous glass-ceramic, made of leucite, a crystal that scatters light naturally and provides a balanced chameleon effect for optimum shade match. It is more like a glass rather than porcelain.

Improving aesthetics while providing sturdy is the main benefit of Empress crowns. That’s the reason why this type of restoration is recommended for teeth that are more noticeable when smiling.

The procedure usually takes two appointments. In the first appointment, the dentist takes the impression, the bite registration, and choose the right shade among 12 existing. The second appointment involves removing the temporary crown –previously placed to protect the teeth from damage in the mean-time- and cementing the permanent Empress crown designed accurately in a dental laboratory.

With an excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits, Empress crowns can last more than 15 years. Smoking and consuming food and beverages that stain teeth should be avoided.