Fixed Movable Bridge

Fixed Movables bridge in Costa Rica

A fixed movable bridge is a less commonly option for a dental bridge that allows a small degree of movement between a solidly fixed component and other abutment.

In other words, a fixed movable bridge is a connector designed in two parts, keyed together by a non-rigid attachment that allows movement of the two parts relative to each other in vertical direction mainly, which provides stress breaking action.

This dental prosthesis consists of a pontic rigidly supported to an abutment on one side of the toothless gap, usually on the distal end by one or more abutment teeth, but only the one to which the artificial tooth is attached, holds it in place.

Also known as fixed movable partial denture, this type of bridge is indicated when the abutment teeth are not parallel in relation to each other and preparation needed to make them parallel would be invasive and highly destructive.

The movable joint is commonly a precision attachment that can be placed into a crown. Each adjacent tooth that supports the dental restoration can be prepared independently.

One of the main advantages is that fixed movable bridges allow minor movement of abutments in relation to each other