Inlay Bridge

Since inlays are small fillings that fit into the biting surface of a tooth, which are made in a dental laboratory following the same stages as for crowns, inlay bridges replace missing teeth using those small fillings like retainers fitted into the biting surface of the abutment teeth.

This type of bridge is a conservative restorative option preferred for patients and dentists concerned about preserving natural tooth structure. With inlay bridges the sacrifice of good teeth decrease because polishing is not needed.

They are mostly indicated for replacing missing second premolars. Inlay bridges to replace first molars are not very common, and it should be considered only in very carefully selected cases.

Inlay bridges are typically three-unit structures fabricated in metal or porcelain. They are also known as Maryland bridges, or Belle Glass.

Nowadays, porcelain inlays offer greater durability, and new material alternatives like Premise Indirect and Zirconia are recommended because of their high strength and outstanding beauty.

Durability of inlay bridges is guaranteed for a long time, though re-cemented may be needed if they become loose. This is an extremely safe way to replace teeth, getting a smile back which to be proud of.

Inlay Bridge in Costa Rica