Lava Crown

These restorations are made from translucent, shaded zirconia copings, a specially formulated, high-strength material that provides high aesthetic appearance, offering a strength equivalent to metal, and a natural look that exceeds Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns.

Lava is indicated for anterior and posterior single-unit crowns, bridges up to 6 units, and implant copings. This type of restoration is available in 8 choices of coloring for the tooth substructure.

This material is completely biocompatible and offers an excellent long-term stability with no allergenic potential. The accumulation of plaque is comparable to that on the natural tooth. Furthermore, sensitivity to temperature variation is not expected, due to the low thermal conductivity of Lava.

Procedure to place lava crowns is similar to that most of the crowns involve, but is more comfortable as less tooth structure need to be removed. Since it is a free-metal option, Lava crowns fit more accurately, and ensure an exceptional marginal fit without dark grey margin.

It is not possible to know the difference between Lava crowns and natural teeth, due to its lifelike appearance. Additionally, it is proven that Lava prosthesis last for many years.

This 3M restorative option was successfully launched in 2002. Nowadays, Lava receive a 95% clinical rating.