Dr. Diego Orozco

Diego Orozco


Dr. Diego Orozco graduated from Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT) in 2010 as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), where he acquired his specialty in Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics four years later.

He has continuously attended post-graduate courses allowing him to remain current in skills, knowledge and theory. In 2012, Dr. Orozco completed an advanced course in Brackets and MBT-self ligating; the next year he completed and advanced course in Orthodontics and more recently attended an advanced course in invisalign, advanced treatment of invisible orthodontics.

Dr. Diego Orozco is certified and licensed in Biodentine; Harmony System, advanced treatment of invisible orthodontics; and Invisalign System, invisible orthodontic treatment. He is an active member of the Dental Surgeons College of Costa Rica.

His six years of experience in dental field allowed him to work in private sector in San José, Heredia, Liberia and Limón, but being part of America Bio Dental he has developed himself as a biological dentist, using natural elements and techniques that won’t negatively affect the body in long term.

  • 2005 Smile Design – ULACIT Costa Rica
  • 2006 Technological Literacy (Productivity Programs)
  • ULACIT Costa Rica
  • 2008 Dental Scientific Congress –ACCOXXIII
  • 2009 Technological Literacy IX (FLASH) – ULACIT Costa Rica
  • 2010 San Vicente de Paul Hospital – Health Fair – Dental Specialties
  • 2010 Higher Course of Humanistic Studies – ULACIT
  • 2010 Advanced Studies of the English Language – ULACIT
  • 2010 Doctor of Dental Surgery – ULACIT Costa Rica
  • 2010 Dental surgeon – College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica
  • 2012 Self-ligating Brackets and Philosophy MBT – Conference – San Jose Costa Rica.
  • 2012 XIX Conference FAOCA – Federation of Orthodontics of Central America – Salvadoran Association of Orthodontics – El Salvador.
  • 2013 Advanced Course of Orthodontics, Dental Scientific Congress –ACCO XXVIII
  • 2013 Certification and Licensing of HARMONY System Course, Advanced Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment – San Jose Costa Rica.
  • Basic Life Support. 2015 – Present.
  • Course of Laws and Regulations of the Costa Rican Dental College. 2003 – Present.
  • National Dental Boards Examinations. 2004 – Present.
  • Course of Epidemiology and Biostatics for Health Professionals. Dr. Petri, May 2008.
  • Course of Digital Smile Design, May 2015
    • Member of the Dental Surgeons College of Costa Rica 2004 – Present.
    • Member of ADA (American Dental Association) 2011 – Present.
    • Member of IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) 2015 – Present.
    • Conference of the commercial 3M High Achieving Aesthetics in direct restorations. August 2005.
    • Lecture by Dr. Ramón de Gordon, Septodont Laboratories. May 2005.
    • Conference of 3M ESPE Dental Modern and New Considerations by Dr. Gordon Christensen. July 2007.
    • Private Clinic accredited by the Ministry of Health, in Avenida Escazú (America Dental), 2010 – present.
    • Private Clinic accredited by the Ministry of Health, in Heredia, 2008-present.