Monodont Bridge

Monodont bridge in Costa Rica

A monodont bridge is an affordable option replacing a missing tooth without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. This is the ideal treatment alternative for single-tooth replacement up to three-unit bridge.

Patients who cannot afford high-end cosmetic treatments choose this conservative, highly esthetic option that consists of a framework with small retentive “wings” on each side that are bonded on the adjacent abutment teeth.

The material used to support these prosthesis is a patented gold plated, stainless steel. The unique bridge is available in acrylic pontic or Premise Indirect pontic. Acrylic pontics are economical and ensure durability, while Premise Indirect pontics are preferred when replacing the front teeth.

Monodont bridge treatment requires minimal tooth preparation, therefore is minimally invasive and predictable. It is also ideal for patients who require a long-term dynamic treatment plan.

Same as with most of dental restorations, procedure involves two appointments. Taking the impressions, taking a bite registration, and recording a denture tooth shade are the steps followed at the first appointment. Placing the monodont bridge is done at the second appointment, once the prosthesis has been designed in a dental laboratory.

These type of bridge are available for both anterior and posterior applications. They increase patient comfort, provide aesthetics, and guarantee cost efficiency at the same time.