Porcelain Fused To Gold Crowns

A Porcelain Fused Gold (PFG) Crown is a hybrid construction type where a porcelain layer, shaped like a tooth, covers a gold substructure, providing the good qualities of both, the strength and durability of gold as well as the aesthetic appeal of porcelain.

These prostheses contains about 60% of gold inside, and 40% of porcelain outside, what gives a more natural look than a crown made 100% of gold or another type of metal. Therefore, they are ideal for the front teeth, while full gold crowns are preferred for the back teeth.

A lot of advantages make patients prefer this option. Porcelain Fused Gold Crowns are easy to fit areas where the tooth and crown meet. They are durable in times of heavy pressure such as biting and chewing.

The underlying metal fused with the porcelain provides stability and strength, and in rare cases, the porcelain may get chipped off or fracture under chewing force. They have a very high rate of success.

Restoring tooth with PFG Crowns requires considerable tooth reduction before the conventional procedure of taking the impression all dental crowns involve. Only with sufficient thickness the darker color of the gold substructure can be masked to get a natural tooth appearance.

These crowns would be more expensive than an all-porcelain crown but less expensive than a crown made solely from a gold alloy.