Premise Indirect Crown

This micro-hybrid indirect composite that incorporates advanced nano-particle and submicron filler technology is considered the most significant development in composites in the last ten years. It is also known as the “next generation” of indirect composites.

Improved shading and polishability, and increased opacity in the facial dentins are the main enhancements that Premise Indirect restorations guarantee. They may be adjusted using conventional composite polishing instruments.

Premise Indirect is indicated for crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. It may also be reinforced with fiber for conservative restorations such as wing bridges or inlay types. It is an excellent choice for anterior and posterior teeth that oppose natural dentition.

Preparation requirements for these prosthesis are similar to that of all-ceramic restorations. They are carefully layered and contoured to blend more naturally with existing tooth structures, and they are light-cured using heat and pressure for extraordinary physical properties. Silane and a dual cure adhesive bonding that matches the shade of the restoration should be used for cementation.

There are many benefits for patients using Premise Indirect. Its outstanding aesthetic, strength and durability make feel patients more confident and comfortable.

Additionally, the low wear on opposing enamel is nearly identical to wear characteristics of natural enamel, what ensures a lifelike appearance for many years.

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