Radical Bridge

When it comes to a high quality diagnostic and provisional restoration, Radica emerges as a revolutionary material that exceeds the performance criteria of currently available restorations.

Because of its exceptionally high flexural strength characteristics, compared to most other materials, Radica is the best choice for long term temporary bridge usage.

With Radica materials, patients will have a premium high-end esthetics as they transition to their permanent restoration, due to its life-like appearance tooth colored.

Additional benefits include excellent strength for confidence in performance, durability and wear resistance. Furthermore, the procedure is simple and saves time.

This system offers a unique solution based on a shape stable visible light curing composite material. It also has the capability to efficiently layer enamel and dentin materials, what ensures an excellent patient satisfaction.

Radica restorations can remain in the mouth for up to two years for all single-unit restorations and 3-unit bridges. This provisional and diagnostic resin is available in all 16 classic dentin shades and two popular bleach shades.

Radical Bridge in Costa Rica