Single Visit Bridge

Single visit bridge in Costa Rica
When there is a gap between healthy teeth, or implants, due to missing teeth, dental bridges can be shaped to fit the space. There have been different techniques for splinting teeth and placing a natural tooth pontic, denture tooth, or composite resin pontic.

A single-visit bridge technique consists of pontics connected to the adjacent teeth with fiber ribbons embedded into resin structure, like polyethylene, due to its ability to be chemically incorporated into the dental resin.

Adhesive composite resins, wire, metal mesh, nylon, mesh and cast metal frameworks bonded to the adjacent teeth, can also be used for embedding these restorations, but only polyethylene is highly bondable, biocompatible, aesthetic, and easily manipulated.

The appropriate selection of fiber architectures ensures higher strength, durability, damage tolerance and energy absorption. A bridge can be made of either porcelain, metal or both.

Same as with dental crowns, teeth on either side of the empty space are reshaped and reduced in size. The adjacent shaped teeth act as anchors, or abutments.

Single-visit bridges are used to restore function and appearance, and they are an excellent option for emergencies, implant temporization, congenitally missing laterals, and patients who cannot afford conventional lab fabricated bridgework.