Temporary Fillings

Dentists usually place dental fillings that do not lasts more than a month when patients need a filling that requires more than one appointment like gold fillings and indirect fillings that use composite materials. These fillings are known as temporary fillings.

They are also used when waiting for the tooth to be healed for some time before a root canal treatment. Temporary fillings seal the teeth, protecting the pulp from bacteria as well as infections.

In addition, many emergency dental treatments can’t be done without this fillings because they reduce pain and diminish tooth sensitivity.

There are some precautions to take while using a temporary filling like avoiding chew gum and eating sticky and hard foods, as well as trying to chew foods on the side opposite to the temporary filling. They contain eugenol, an analgesic ingredient and antiseptic in widespread over-the-counter remedies, such as oil of cloves, thus, they work very well to relieve toothache.

When using temporary fillings must be taken into account that they are no meant to last more than a month. Patients should attend the dental appointment without fail, in order to prevent the tooth from becoming infected or having other complications because temporary fillings usually fall out, fracture or wear out.

Temporary Fillings In Costa Rica