Three Quarter Crown

Three quarter crown in Costa Rica

When a tooth is too broken down for a filling, but not enough for a restoration that covers the entire tooth, the dentist may suggest a dental crown, but not a full-coverage crown. In this case, a three-quarter crown is recommended.

As its name implies, a three-quarter crown is a great restorative option that covers or fills a larger part of a tooth than a filling, but does not cover more than roughly three-quarters of the tooth.

The process is usually done in two appointments. At the first visit, the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth, takes an impression to design the custom crown in a dental laboratory with the help of digital technology for a precise fit, and places a temporary material to protect the tooth and prevent any sensitivity.

At the second visit, the temporary material is removed to permanently cement the final three-quarter crown, after the dentist makes sure it matches the surrounding teeth, and makes an adjustment, if necessary.

These dental prostheses, smaller than crowns, are highly accurate, do not require additional aftercare, reduce the chances of getting fractures or cavities coming back on that tooth, and improve tooth strength. They are made of porcelain, composite resin or metal material.

Furthermore, this procedure is more comfortable for patients because does not require tooth extraction, what allows to preserve all the healthy parts of the tooth, and ensures maximum tooth preservation.