Zirconium Crown

This type of all-ceramic Crown, made of zirconium, an indestructible crystal, has quickly become the preferred material for dental crowns, due to its strength and appearance.

The combination of zirconium metal and porcelain makes a very strong and aesthetic prostheses because zirconium metal gives the strength while the porcelain gives the appearance of a natural tooth. All-porcelain crowns can chip or break over time.

Zirconium crowns allow light to pass the same way a natural tooth would that it is hard to find the difference, what is particularly important when it comes to the front teeth. They also ensure maximum preservation of the existing natural tooth.

Another advantage that patients appreciate is that zirconium is compatible with human body, and there is no fear about body rejection or allergic reaction. Zirconium is widely used in many other medical treatments, such as artificial joints.

In addition, this strong material will not corrode, and because of the lack of electrical conductivity, there is not hot or cold sensations that other crowns may cause.

The process is done in two dentist visits that involves a preparation stage, and a fitting of the final crown stage, similar to the process for the rest of the crowns. Zirconium crowns can also be fixed using traditional dental cement, once the crown is custom designed in a dental laboratory, and the dentist makes sure the crown fits perfectly the patient’s mouth.

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