Zirconium Overlays

Zirconium Overlay in Costa Rica

Overlays made of zirconium or zirconium overlays are metal free indirect fillings that cover both inner and outer side of the cups of the tooth, providing more natural translucency and aesthetic appearance, and guaranteeing greater durability.

What are Zirconium Overlays?

Zirconium overlays are more conservative and allow maximum preservation of healthy teeth tissue, offer superior fit, ensure functional sustainability, show higher fatigue resistance, and they are completely biocompatible, thus, even patients with sensitivities can use them.

When made of zirconium, overlays also minimize the chances of damage related to friction because this material is non-abrasive. These restorations are long lasting, and perfectly match the shade of natural teeth.

All indirect fillings, including zirconium overlays, are custom made in a specialized dental laboratory. Among its advantages, this durable material strengthens the damaged teeth. In addition, they are easier to clean when compared to full coverage restorative alternatives.

Like all overlays, as well as inlays and onlays, the placement of zirconium overlays is performed in two sessions that involve taking a bite impression and placing a temporary prosthetic on the first appointment, and removing the temporary overlay to permanently cement the final restoration during the second visit.