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Promising you a new set of teeth in a day with a 98% success rate may seem like a marketing gimmick, but it is the real thing. With many people suffering from tooth decay or loss due to disease or accident, we’ve come up with a better way of replacing the teeth and restoring the patient’s quality of life in the fastest way possible. All on 4 is a state-of-the-art procedure that gives you a cheaper, permanent and effective solution to all those who want to show more love to their teeth.

How is it done?
The All-on-4 dental implants entail two stages. There is the placement of two dental implants on any side of the upper part of the mouth and two others on the lower part. The function of the four dental implants is to offer a secure fit for the new set of the teeth put in place. After some time the dental implants can fuse with the jawbone hence giving the perfect support to the new dentures. As you wait for the completion of the fusion, the dentist may recommend that you wear temporary restorations. Once the fusion is complete, you can now have the permanent implant dentures.

How is the All on 4 different from the normal dental implants?
This procedure, unlike other dental implants, only needs four implants to secure a whole arch. Sustainability of the entire arch is made possible by the positioning of the implants. The 45-degree angle allows them to lock the Implants together. A regular dental implant needs 6-10 implants. The four implants in the All on 4 dental implants make it a less invasive and fast procedure compared to others.

It does not require bone grafting like other dental implants so you can avoid its effect through the All on 4 methods.

How much should you pay for the All on 4 procedure?
All on 4 dental implants procedure is different and depends on the goal and needs of every patient. Factors that determine what you pay for the procedure are the materials used in the restoration, the number of implants that a patient needs, the number of arches replaced and the complexity of the process. Our dentists will come up with a quotation based on your condition. However, you should be wary of low prices that could sacrifice your health. Shortcuts could cause problems like infection, broken teeth, poorly placed implants, implant failure, and ugly and unnatural teeth. Our charges are pocket-friendly so you have no reason to worry about the cost.

If you want a better deal, you could consider traveling to our clinic in Costa Rica to have your teeth restored. With just $14,000 we will cater for accommodation and transport to and from the airport. The amount will also provide for two visits to Costa Rica and a touristic trip. Quite a good deal.
You don’t have any other excuse for not giving your teeth a treat. You can now have your desired meal, smile with confidence with your new set of teeth and on top of that experience the best tourist attraction sites while still recovering from the procedure. For more information give us a call or send us an email and our team will get back soon

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