All on 4 dental implants Costa Rica

While it might seem difficult to get a solution for compromised, decayed or broken teeth, getting a ALL ON 4 surgery has proven to be the ultimate answer. You will no longer have to bury your smile; this technique will restore your teeth and let you give a smile to everyone without shying away.

What is ALL ON 4 dental implants?
This a dental procedure that entails replacing all your teeth by having fewer dental implants. Before the invention of this superb procedure, people had to get a dental implant for each of the teeth that they had to replace, but that is now long gone. ALL ON 4 saves you all that by letting you have new teeth just by having four dental implants placed on the top and bottom of your mouth.

Another good thing about this procedure is that the dental implants are Titanium made. The advantage of this is that it can easily fuse to living bone, therefore, working as part of it. Consequently, it turns out to be part of the jawbone hence giving your new teeth a long lasting base.

Why should you choose this procedure?
You do not have to break the bank to have your teeth replaced; this procedure is available and affordable at our facility. Even better the benefits it comes with is worth every penny that you’ll pay.

It also saves time. You and I can agree that we do not love spending time in the hospital. With the ALL ON 4, you’ll get all your teeth replaced in a single day with just one surgery.

Additionally, no bone grafting is needed hence you do not have to suffer from all the side effects that come with the grafting done during other dental implants. All on 4 will save you from nerve damage, blood clots, and infections associated with bone grafting. What’s more is that this shortens your recovery time and within a shorter period, you will be able to enjoy your cookies and chicken without any worry or pain.

The price you have to pay should not worry you. You can still have the ALL ON 4 dental implants without digging deeper into your pocket. How? You could reduce the price significantly by having the dental implants done in Costa Rica. It is also a great choice because you’ll not have to worry about the traveling hassle. Since there are direct flights from the US, you will only take a maximum of five hours to get there.

Language barriers shouldn’t be a reason that makes you not go to Costa Rica. Natives there speak in English, and our staff understands English very well as well as being friendly thus you feel at home. You can also visit the beautiful places in Costa Rica to reduce any discomfort during the recovery time. If you’ve always dreamt of visiting the beautiful beaches and also want a new set of teeth, then Costa Rica is the place to be. To have your teeth replaced in the most reliable procedure and spend your recovery time in the best way possible; you can count on us.

All On 4 Dental Implants Costa Rica
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