All on 6 Dental Implants in Costa Rica

It is tough to get the best dental implants. However, you get the best price quotes by contacting our clinic at America Dental. You might save half the price of the treatment when you do the teeth here compared to prices in the USA when you get your dental implants at Costa Rica.

What Exactly Does the Dental Implant Procedure Look Like
Your dentist from America Dental will conduct a full mouth examination with scans to assess the structure of your mouth to see if there is any damage in your teeth and any loss of bone. After checking, the dentist will review and decide if you are suitable for the all on 6 dental implants. There will be teeth impressions made in your mouth to be sent to the laboratory to get your new teeth.

On The Day of Treatment
The dental implantation procedure will be carried out under anesthesia. You will not feel the pain during the procedure. It takes around a couple hours to have the implants done per jaw. If there are any extractions that need to be done prior to dental implants, the part with tooth extraction needs to be thoroughly cleaned up.

The all on 6 dental implants will be put into the jaw. Four pieces will be located in front of the jaw and the other two at the rear of the mouth. There will be a teeth arch placed in the mouth that will allow the mouth to heal properly.

Restoration Process
After a couple of months, you need to return to the dentist to fix up your permanent teeth. The aim of the dental implants acts as tooth roots that secure the structure of the teeth and aid the user in speaking and eating. The teeth help to form the structure of the face, so doing a dental implant will help restore the face structure and your smile as well as your whole appearance.

If you lost your teeth you will want to have natural teeth replacements that can restore your beautiful smile. The all in 6 dental implants will make sure that your teeth are properly reconstructed.

Benefits of Doing All in 6 Dental Implants
Your quality of life is greatly improved. This procedure will allow the patients to get new dentures right on the same time of the implant surgery. Soon you will get a new smile and confidence back.

The dental implant treatment has a shorter period of time. You will need fewer surgeries compared to other implants that do not need bone grafting.

It is cheaper. The all on 6 treatment costs less at America Dental compared to other areas in Costa Rica. We provide the best services for dental implants and offer great after services as well.

It is stable. Even with low bone volume, the implants are put in so that there is a larger bone to implant on. Visit the experts in our clinic to know more.

The denture is fixed to your jaw so it is immovable, it won't shake either.

All On 6 Dental Implants Costa Rica
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