Biological dentistry in Costa Rica offers yet another reason to visit our beautiful Central American paradise. Patients can recover from invasive surgeries on the beach while taking advantage of inexpensive and top-notch healthcare. America Dental offers the expertise of a high-quality dentist in the most stress-free environment possible.

What is holistic dentistry?

The holistic approach examines the entire patient. We believe that long-term health is as important as solving short term issues. Nutritional health and lifestyles are some of the most important factors when considering the overall well-being of your mouth.

Chemicals and invasive surgeries are harmful to your overall well-being. Bone grafts can result in bacteria somewhat related to trapped food entering the bloodstream, amalgams are digested as they break down, and metals and plastics break down. Everything impacts your health.

We use only biocompatible materials such as non-metal ceramics and zirconia to avoid creating more harm than good. Long-term care is a significant concern. The lack of harmful metals and compounds ensures that your implants serve you rather than hurt you.

After we appropriately treat your short-term issues, we further address longer-term concerns. Many problems present themselves in the mouth. This includes the development of cysts from malnutrition, the growth of tumors in oral cancer, and discoloration and other problems related to disease. Holistic dentists want you to live a long and healthy life and fuse the beliefs of Eastern medicine with the technology of the West to make this happen.

How do we bring biological dentistry to our procedures?

The holistic approach is the safest. We still believe in the comfort of your patients and use local anesthesia as required. However, our compounds are biodegradable, causing no harm to you.

The All on Four procedure provides customized implants with minimal invasion. We use four zirconia-based screws to offer the benefit of a full set of dentures. Our method avoids a damaging bone graft, is cost-efficient, and time effective.

Other implants and services meet any dental need using only organic materials. Solutions to your problems do not require substances that cause lasting damage and even cancer. We study your case and make the best decision regarding your overall health.

Why should I become a dental tourist in Costa Rica?

Dental tourism is booming. Costa Rica is a paradise. Our nation has over 600 beaches and is packed with luscious rainforest. You can relax before and after treatment in an environment that transports you far from your doctor.

Costa Rica is friendly to tourists. Our government requires citizens from the United State, Canada, and most other Western nations to enter with only a return ticket and passport for any reason. This allows you to avoid the hassle of obtaining a medical visa.

Land ownership is also written directly into the constitution. This privilege extends to foreigners who can purchase land and even start a business in a country whose healthcare system outranks that of the United States.

If you are looking for patient-centered dentistry in the best possible environment, biological dentistry in Costa Rica offers a terrific solution. Contact our doctors today to schedule your appointment.

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