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Even though they have existed since ancient times, extracts are the latest fad among cannabis fans. The reason is that they contain high levels of concentration and very characteristic flavors, making them an option with more demand day after day. Within the great variety of extracts, one of the most trendy is the Shatter. It is essential that you know the extraordinary characteristics of this alternative.

What is Shatter?

It is a type of BHO similar in color to honey when it is hot and glassy when it is cold. It has a solid texture, which is the characteristic that differentiates it from other resinous extracts. Its name comes from its similarity to glass, as it “shatters” in a similar way.

Like the other BHOs, it contains high levels of THC. However, Shatter is the most concentrated and can reach levels of up to 80%. The preparation process is similar to that of other BHOs but temperatures are varied conveniently to obtain the characteristic appearance of the glass. The preparation process is similar to wax, but the secret is that the mixture is not shaken at any time.

How to Consume Shatter?

This is one of the easiest resins to consume since its texture is hard and not sticky. The most common way to consume Shatter is through an “oil rig,” a method known as dabbing. However, it can also be smoked by introducing it in pieces in a bong. These are other alternatives:

  • Mix it with the buds: you can sprinkle the flowers before preparing the joint.
  • Pipes: nowadays, there are specialized devices for this modality on the market. If you want to buy shatter in Canada, at, you will find the best variety and accessories.
  • Vape: there are also new vaporizers designed to be able to consume extractions. It allows you to consume the substance without combustion and, therefore, avoid inhaling toxic substances.

Which Is the Effect of Shatter?

This product is ideal for both recreational consumption of expert consumers and medicinal. Smoking Shatter produces powerful effects in a few seconds. In the case of the patients, with a couple of inhalations, the pains disappear in a few seconds. It is one of the most potent cannabis derivatives that have been developed so far. That is why it is highly recommended for those who suffer from severe chronic pain.

Regarding recreational consumers, its powerful effect will allow you to achieve a good “Hit” with a couple of inhalations. Another quality is its characteristic flavor that differs markedly from the rest of cannabis derivatives. A taste that many experts consider an authentic delight.

Finally, it is preferable to purchase commercial versions of the product. Many amateurs venture to obtain the resin by DIY. However, this process involves the use of butane, which is a dangerous gas and its improper handling can put at risk the integrity and even the lives of people.

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Buy Shatter Canada
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