The Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants In Costa Rica

If you get to schedule a proper appointment here at America Dental, we will make sure that you get the best value for the money you invested in your dental implants. We will even fetch you at the airport and let you stay in a high-class hotel. Then you will have your dental implants done as well as having a short vacation in Costa Rica.

Cost of Dental Implants in Costa Rica

The cost of dental implant treatments is about 70% less in Costa Rica compared to the USA. This is because of a lower cost of living and cheaper training as well as lower costs for education etc. Everything is lower in Costa Rica.

The average cost of implants and crowns in Costa Rica is below:

Quotes based on 30 dental clinics:
All on 4 dental implants cost about $8000 to $11000.
All on 6 dental implants cost about $9600 to $9900.
Braces cost about $600 to $2500.
Dental bridge costs about $300 to $450
Dental crown costs about $320 to $440
Consultation costs about $70 to $100
Dental implant costs about $700 t0 $830
Bridge to support dental bridge costs about $8500

Other costs to take into account
There will be flights to and from the dental clinic. Within a mile, a taxi cost about two dollars. There is a car for rent that can cost $300 to $700. The food will cost from $5 to $40 depending on where you eat. You will need to think about unpaid leave. There is also travel insurance.

It is important to bear in mind that these costs are just an estimated cost what it would cost to travel to Costa Rica. When going through the dental clinics in Costa Rica, you need to think about the costs as every clinic has different price ranges. You should Google which clinic is available near you and call them one by one through the phone using Facebook. That way you will get the best price quotes from the clinic without going to visit them in person that will take a lot of time and resources. Make sure you get the best price and make sure that they use the best materials – pay as much as you can afford.

How Long Does The Implants take?
The clinic will have your mouth x-rays before you go to the country. This will make them really plan the treatment and reduce the number of visits that you need to take to go back and check-up on your dental implants. You will need at least two visits to the clinic to place your dental implants.
During the first visit, you will get your first dental implant. Then you will be given three to six months for it to heal first before you can finally attach your abutment and the crown.

If you need to extract a bad tooth, it will be done on the first visit. If there is enough time, the dentist will extract your teeth and place the dental implant on the first visit. After that, you will need to review your teeth.

Our dental clinic is American Dental, and we can provide the best services for you! Contact us to get the best quote on your dental implants in Costa Rica today!

Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants
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