Costa Rica dental implants tourism is booming. The country’s excellent health care system and natural beauty offer the ability to relax while receiving cutting edge care. America Dental offers the wholesome, holistic approach to dental care while remaining on the cutting edge.

Why do I need dental implants?

Tooth loss is not a minor concern. Allowing decay to persist causes malnutrition, disease, and impacts the quality of life in general.

Over 50 percent of Americans over the age of 55 experience some form of tooth loss. This issue impacts people of every age. Genetics, lack of access to quality foods, and physical force create accelerate this problem.

People who lose teeth experience heightened anxiety and lower confidence. A perfect smile can provide the winning edge when looking for work or attending the next family reunion.

Allowing decay to continue poses a significant health risk. Food trapped in gums and bacteria create potential sources of blood poisoning.

Teeth offer an essential function for digestion as well. Chewing breaks down food into more nutritious elements. Impairing this function affects the minerals and vitamins your body receives. When the problem is significant, cysts may form, bones weaken, and the cycle of tooth loss continues.

Dental implants restore confidence and improve health. Dentures and implants are designed for chewing. Coloration brings a natural feel to your device.

How invasive are implants?

Implants are typically more invasive than dentures. These devices are permanently placed in the gum. This creates a full replacement for individual teeth.

Significant tooth loss creates the need for a full mouth restoration. Dentures are the perfect solution for these individuals.

Dental devices do not need to be invasive. Many chemicals and compounds negatively impact overall health. Our holistic approach avoids amalgams and excessive bone grafting. Our All on Four implant system uses four zirconia screws to fit dentures to your mouth.

What is dental tourism?

Many people choose to receive medical procedures in another country. Visiting for medical reasons is a form of tourism, one of these being anxiety.

There are many reasons to opt for another destination to receive medical care. Countries offer faster and better-quality care. Costa Rica maintains an advanced healthcare system viewed in many respects as better than that of the United States.

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. This forces many to avoid attending dentists regularly despite the recommendation of visiting a professional at least once every year.

Dentists offices, including ours, use anesthesia and curated surroundings to put patients at ease. Still, the need for surgery brings about other concerns.

Our natural paradise helps ease these fears and aids in recovery. Hundreds of beaches and a landscape covered by lush jungle allow you to forget an upcoming surgery.

Implants and dentures offer a vital solution to a significant and potentially life-threatening issue. Dental tourism offers a way around your anxiety. Costa Rica dental implants and dentures specialists offer life-altering devices and services in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

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