Dental implants and the cost of full mouth restoration are worth the expense. Your body, especially as you age, requires appropriate nutrition to remain in top condition. America Dental understands the full impact of a healthy mouth, striving to provide the most fitting dentures and long-term care for our patients.

Why do I need dentures?

Tooth loss and decay are not new issues. They impact every segment of society from children to adults. By the time we reach old age, many of our peers suffer from some form of loss.

Despite the statistics, people with tooth loss are more likely to experience job and social anxiety. This group is more isolated than others. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey found that 13.4 percent of participants experience anxiety and 16.7 percent suffered from depression.

Even partial loss of teeth poses a severe mental health risk. Only 5.7 percent of those surveyed experienced complete loss.

Implants and dentures seek to restore your confidence and smile. Dentists can naturally age teeth to match the remainder of your mouth, making implants nearly invisible.

Nutrition remains another critical issue for those suffering from a loss of teeth. Chewing is one of the most important functions our body performs. It breaks larger foods into digestible chunks. Tooth loss allows larger and less beneficial pieces of your meal to pass undigested.

Dentures may seem awkward at first, but they restore a natural function to digestion. Allowing this issue to go unresolved can result in malnutrition and even the formation of cysts.

America Dental offers affordable treatment to help you remain healthy no matter your age. Teeth provide confidence and perform a vital digestive task.

How much do dentures cost?

There are several types of implants. Permanent dentures replacing an entire set of teeth cost more than a single fixture.

In general, customers spend between $500 and $3000. The average cost of a single tooth in the United States Is $4250.

There are also time-related costs. Dentures need to be aligned yearly. There are costs with ensuring your dentures work optimally. Fixing broken implants and teeth also creates a cost. Full dentures must be replaced every seven to fifteen years as well.

However, the benefit gained to overall health is worth the expense. Allowing your loss to go unrepaired produces further psychological and health concerns with a more significant cost. The hidden cost of not restoring your smile outweighs the relatively small cost of visiting the dentist.

Is full mouth restoration invasive?

The invasiveness of your procedure depends on the type of restoration being performed. Implants require surgery. However, dentures do not.

America Dental is a holistic practice. We believe in using only biocompatible materials and limiting the use of chemicals and amalgams. Our procedures require no bone grafts. The All on Four package places permanent dentures on four zirconia implants. We believe that your body is a temple and want to avoid long-term issues related to harmful compounds.

America Dental offers affordable packages in the beautiful, friendly, and inexpensive country of Costa Rica.  We make dental implants and the cost of full mouth restoration cheap compared to the cost of allowing your dental issues to go unchecked. Contact us today for more information.


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