Before we consider three random reviews for dental implants in Costa Rica, just know that there are ways to restore missing teeth, restore lost function, and to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. If your problem is missing teeth, the optimal tooth replacement method today, supported by decades of research and referred by dentists, is dental implants. At America Dental in Costa Rica, we are certified oral surgeons and dentists, providing a wide range of advanced dental services from dental implants to laser teeth whitening, root canals, and everything else.

But why should you travel to Costa Rica just to get dental work done? Let's consider why Bruce Wagner, Jay Gray, and Teresa Lyell did it and how they feel about their dental implants today.

Bruce Wagner | Colorado

"I've never been more satisfied with any dentistry work in my life, and I'm 54 years old." Bruce came to Costa Rica in July 2017 to get his implant preparatory work done. The initial surgery was performed and implant posts were placed into his jawbone. Mr. Wagner says he "Never felt any pain or side-effects or anything of concern."

Bruce returned in the summer of 2018 to get his implants put in and his crown work done. He says, "I've never been more satisfied, and I've never been more proud of my smile." Bruce Wagner's review is typical of people who come to Costa Rica for dental implants.

Jay Gray | Undisclosed

Jay was looking at an astronomical dental bill in the US. He needed seven implants on top and five on the bottom for a total of twelve dental implants. Facing a $45,000+ dental bill, it looked like Jay wasn't going to be able to get the dental work done that he needed. Then, he found out about America Dental in Costa Rica and decided to pay us a visit. "Ever since the first day I got these in, it really is the best thing for a replacement." "My implants are great, and I couldn't be more happy with them!"

Teresa Lyell | Tyler, TX

Teresa Lyell talks about the cost benefits she received by getting dental implants at America Dental in Costa Rica. Teresa says that her implants would have cost around $79,000 in the US. "That's enough money to buy a new house!" said Teresa. How much did she spend for her implants at America Dental of Costa Rica? "Could you imagine how I felt when they (America Dental) told me my bill would be under $11,000!?" "The type of work that I needed; I had three root canals. On the bottom, I had three teeth that were crooked. I mean, let's just say, the type of work that I needed done on me would have cost over $79,000 over a period of time. America Dental got it all done at once."

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As you see, dental implants in Costa Rica reviews are very positive, and we're sure your experience will be too! To learn more about who we are, how long we've been around, or what we do, feel free to look us up online and reach out by phone or email to get in contact with us. We look forward to treating you in beautiful Costa Rica.

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