The All On 4 Package Cost


Hybrid Denture 1

All On 4 First Stage

There is a cost-efficient, graftless solution for fixed full-arch rehabilitation. The All On 4 package treatment is a revolutionary technique that allows for a quick placement of permanent prosthesis supported only by four implants.

The first stage process involves five days of appointment. The procedure uses two straight front implants and two back implants tilted up to 45 degrees to take maximum advantage of existing bone in order to avoid a sinus lift surgery.

After the surgery treatment, we place the temporary denture fixed to the new implants.

All On 4 Second Stage

The Second Stage on All On 4 package treatment can take about two weeks. This appointment involves the aesthetic verification and the final structure. The final result will be a fully functional set of teeth that look natural, enhances self-confidence and allows to enjoy favorite foods once again.

Steven Smith

I spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, and have been a client in America Dental for over 3 years. I had no only Dental Crowns and routines cleaning but I also had a Dental Implants about two years ago. My experience with the America Dental treatments and team has been superior. I really love the fact that everyone in the facility speaks English, it made communication really easy.

Victoria Solis

I visited America Dental to receive dental implants in Costa Rica. I had some implants back in the United States, but here, at America Dental were way better. The recovery time was considerably less, I paid a fraction of the cost and they make you feel like a queen. A very kind team, and great results.

Robert Chambers

I visited Costa Rica to spend my vacation here, but I had the chance to be checked by Dr. Vargas and have an estimate on Dental Crowns and Fillings procedures. It feels fantastic to have my bite back and I am very happy with the procedures. The team was just amazing and very friendly. Highly recommended.
We Include

4 Dental Implants
Zimmer Implants (U.S)
3i Implants (U.S)
Nobel Biocare (U.S)
MIS (Israel)
Implant Direct (U.S).

Surgical Procedures

The surgical procedures are:
Bone graft and Membrane.
Platelet rich plasma.
Dental Extractions.
Eliminate infections.

Temporary Denture

We include transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the Hotel to the airport.


We have differents options for you, from 5 Stars Hotels ($100 per night) to Recovery Houses AIRBNB ($40 per night).</p>

One Tour In Costa Rica

We include one tour in Costa Rica, from our list.

Car Transportation

We include transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the Hotel to the airport.

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