Is an empty space from a missing tooth preventing your smile from looking its best? Are you having trouble chewing? Is your self-confidence affected by missing teeth? If so, a trip to Costa Rica may be just what the dentist ordered! Dentist tourism in Costa Rica is a big industry. Costa Rica is widely considered to be the number one country for dental tourism as our facilities are up to par, our dentists are licensed, and we provide top-notch dental work for literally pennies on the dollar compared to the costs in America. We give Americans with severe dental problems their smiles back without breaking the bank.

Why Dental Tourism in Costa Rica is So Popular

When you visit America Dental in Costa Rica, you will be entering into a state-of-the-art dental clinic. We point this out not to brag about our advanced facilities, but because many Americans have preconceived notions regarding the kind of facility they will be entering when they come here. For example, it is not uncommon to get asked questions like, "You're not operating out of a grass hut, are you?" Or "Are you guys licensed to practice?" Or our favorite, "Do you wash your dental tools after you operate on someone?"

Whatever picture you have in mind when you think of a world-class dental clinic, that's us! We operate in a modern and clean building. Many patients are shocked at just how nice our facility it is, and many tell us it's the nicest dental clinic they've ever seen. We use state-of-the-art technology and all of the latest industry protocols and procedures. Our facility is sanitary. We guarantee that if you are having any doubts or negative thoughts about our facility, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see it!

Example of Actual Cost

For dental implants in the United States, you can expect to pay roughly $4,000 per implant. That can get pretty steep if you need two or more implants. For less than $1,000 in Costa Rica, you can get implants, X-rays, anesthetics, and medications. If you fly from Omaha, NE, which is in the middle of the US, you can get a cheap roundtrip ticket for just over $600. If you stay here for two weeks, you can get your food, lodging, and transportation for less than $500 (and that's excellent food, lodging, and transportation). Locals get by on a lot less!

Is the idea of dental tourism in Costa Rica starting to make sense? For about half of the cost of just one implant in the US, you can come to beautiful Costa Rica, get your implants, and cover all of your travel and living costs while you're here. You can even bring your family with you enjoy yourself in Costa Rica and still save big. Contact America Dental by email or by phone to learn more. We'd be glad to talk to you about who we are and what we do. 


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