There are several reasons why people seek dental work in Costa Rica, but the number one reason is the savings they receive. America Dental saves dental tourists lots of money without sacrificing the quality of the dental work we provide.

Obviously, standard procedures like routine dental checkups and cleanings should be performed by your local family dentist. It wouldn't make sense to take an international flight for a checkup. The airline tickets would cost more than the trip to the dentist. However, when people face oral surgery or advanced dental procedures such as root canals and dental implants, it is often advisable to go to Costa Rica.

Traveling for dental work in Costa Rica to America Dental is a win-win situation. You get world-class dental treatment at a five-star dental clinic, and you get to enjoy a mini-vacation while you're here. Don't just sit your Airbnb room. Get out and see the sites. Costa Rica is a lovely place that's safe and has a large and active ex-pat community. The locals are friendly, and there's always something to do.

One of the most common dental procedures that Americans and Canadians come to Costa Rica for are dental implants. In the United States, a single cosmetic implant can range in price from $3,500 to $4,000+. Many people need two, three, or more implants. When faced with such astronomical prices, the only options they have are to postpone the implants, potentially making their problem worse over time, or just get one implant at a time over a long period. Neither scenario is attractive for a person with missing teeth who needs dental implants either for structural support or for cosmetic purposes.

When our patients travel from North America to Costa Rica for dental work, it's usually when there are thousands of dollars involved. It's not uncommon for us to perform dental work for roughly 25% of the total cost in America. Think about that; this means that we only charge patients around $0.25 on the dollar on average. With a bill of a couple thousand dollars or more, even with the cost of travel, food, lodging, transportation, and other expenses, it still makes far more sense to get dental work in Costa Rica.

If you are somebody who is considering making the trip for the first time and aren't yet familiar with dental tourism or traveling abroad; if you have concerns about your safety and other issues in Costa Rica; America Dental would like to inform you that Costa Rica is the safest country you could travel to in Central America. For about $500, you can live like a king (or queen) for 2-3 weeks and pay for all the lodging, food, and everything else you'll need while you are here.

America Dental is a world-class dental facility. Our clinic is modern, clean, and sanitary. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, and we're famous for providing excellent all-around dental services. Our patients are exclusively North American, and all of our staff speaks English clearly. You'll feel safe and right at home here. Get your dental work in Costa Rica at America Dental.

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