Full mouth restoration creates a beautiful and long-lasting smile. A holistic approach to dentistry keeps in mind more than cosmetic. America Dental offers natural treatments, avoiding dangerous amalgams and chemicals to promote a beautiful smile and long-term health.

How can dentists restore your smile and health?

Mouth restoration involves more than mere dentures. Many different strategies exist to help you obtain the perfect smile and get back to a nutritiously balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Dentures are an option for those suffering from acute tooth loss or decay. Full and partial options replace affected areas of the mouth.

We offer an all on four strategy geared towards patients with broken, decayed, and compromised teeth. This form of care provides a full set of new teeth in only one day with one required surgery. The approach is cost effective and requires no bone grafting.

America Dental also offers partial implants. Our services include traditional surgeries and flapless dental implants which does not require cutting into the gums. The procedures are immediate, occurring on the same day as removal.

People suffering from significant problems should consider these options. Although most Americans over the age of 58 suffer from tooth loss, this population is more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and joblessness.

Nutrition is another primary concern for toothless individuals. Chewing nutritious foods provides the minerals and vitamins that the body needs to function appropriately.

We strive to maintain our client’s long-term health and reduce anxiety. Local anesthesia is available as our medical professionals work quickly to repair your dental health. To avoid complications, we work with biocompatible components such as non-metal ceramic and zirconia.

How can I maintain my dentures?

Maintenance of your implants is essential. It is crucial to never use regular toothpaste for cleaning. Dishwashing soap is a perfect alternative to clean removable implants.

These implants should be checked yearly to ensure they are correctly aligned. Trained dentists perform minor recalibration and alignment to ensure that your implants continue to work as advertised.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country that promotes tourism. Clients can relax on the beach before and after appointments and surgeries. Our nation is affordable and easy to reach. All you need is a passport and a return ticket when traveling from the United States, Canada, and many other Western states.

While appointments are necessary, it is also important to maintain proper health and nutrition. Chewing gums and candies are particularly difficult to chew when using implants. They stick to the plastic and create potential problems.

We are willing to work with patients to spot whole-body problems affecting the health of their teeth. It is easy to spot vitamin and mineral deficiencies as they weaken teeth and can even produce cysts and other side effects.

Our procedure for full mouth restoration focuses on medical and natural issues. A holistic approach to medicine means improving the strength of your remaining teeth and vitality of gums through a balanced lifestyle. Contact us today to find out how we can repair your smile.

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