Holistic dentistry

Holistic dentistry in Costa Rica offers cutting edge treatment in a beautiful country. Health is about more than reactive care. Patients are people and the lives that they lead greatly effects their overall health. America Dental offers long-lasting smiles and dental tourism in a friendly and naturally stunning nation.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic medicine focuses on the whole being. The focus is on the entire physical and mental well-being. Followers of this approach believe that the person is at the core of dental health. We promote more than the mere treatment of disease.

Our approach to dentistry calls on ancient and proven practices to enhance our patient’s long-term health instead of fixing a minor short-term problem. Proper nutrition, the removal of toxins, and prevention of disease at its biological roots enhance the lives of our customers.

We still treat broken, decayed, or compromised teeth. However, practices such as ours understand that many symptoms are signs of other underlying issues. Lesions can be a sign of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

The use of amalgamations and other chemicals only worsens your overall health. Their breakdown affects your entire system. Holistic dentists strive to use only biocompatible compounds in dentures, surgeries, crowns, and other implants. This avoids severe complications down the road.

America Dental offers quality surgical procedures, implants, and treatment plans focused on our overall patients. We perform short-term care while focusing on long term health.

We offer a complete dental plan centered around more than your mouth. Every aspect of your health affects your teeth. If you eat too many sweats or even avoid vegetables, you may be weakening a tooth’s enamel. 

Why should I become a dental tourist?

Medical tourism is booming. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your next vacation. Over 600 beaches, lush jungles, and high-quality healthcare offer peace of mind and stress control during complex surgeries.

Surgeries are particularly stressful. Dentists handle a wide array of oral problems from removing small tumors to installing dentures and implants. The potentially high cost of a procedure creates an even more substantial burden on patients. Relaxing before and after surgery on a pristine beach allows you to forget about your stress.

Costa Rica is friendly to foreigners. Traveling to our country from many Western nations requires little more than a passport and return ticket. There is no visa requirement.

Meanwhile, the government seeks to promote your business. Land ownership is built into the constitution and guaranteed for citizens and foreigners alike. It is possible to purchase a condo or second home to relax on our lush beaches while taking advantage of affordable dental care.

Holistic dentistry offers a full body approach to treating your teeth. Our focus on your overall well-being ensures long term viability. An emphasis on biologically compatible chemicals vastly improves patient health. Our dentures are made without bone grafts and are meant to be minimally invasive.

It is always nice to relax on the beach or take in the rainforest after surgery. Holistic dentistry in Costa Rica is a perfect option. Contact us today to find out more.


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