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The emotions, behavior of the patient and their personality can have a direct influence in the oral health, that’s why America Dental brings Holistic Dentistry, to treat and heal not only the mouth of our patients, but also the rest of their body with personalized attention, because every person it’s unique, and needs and unique treatment.


It has been more than 10 years of satisfying happy and smiling customers around the world. These people have trusted us to recover their smile with confidence. We strive to offer our clients the perfect smile with our expert staff, a modern and high technology team. Always taking into account our philosophy "Your smile is everything for us".

Not only do we have first class equipment and facilities, but we also pride ourselves in offering excellent dental services and quality treatments with guaranteed results. Our team provides a warm atmosphere and a great experience in general.

Dr. Vargas dental specialist 2

Meet our dental specialist Dr. Vargas!

With more than 12 years in all on 4 and dental implants in Costa Rica, Dr. Vargas is our own dental specialist. He has helped and reviews over 2000 international patients with satisfying results and long lasting smiles. Ignacio Vargas is a cosmetic dentistry and implantology expert.

Johnny Glen testimonio

Johnny Glen testimonial

The work and staff were fantastic. I appreciate how Dr. Vargas was really sensitive to my needs. Costa Rica is great for vacation and people are very friendly. We had vacation and the procedure and it was still a fraction of the cost of just the dentist back in the states.

Save up to 60% on your treatment

As we said before, the services on Holistic Dentistry are totally personalized depending on the needs of every patient according to their needs, because not everybody will respond as the same way to certain treatment. This way, the price will be different for every person, because the treatment would be completely customized.

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