In the United States, the cost of a dental implant is $4,000 while all-on-4 implants cost about $24,000. This is very expensive and ridiculous. Instead of taking high-interest loans to fix an implant, several Americans have resolved to forego their dental implant procedure at others Dental Clinics. They prefer traveling down to Costa Rica and have their implants performed at America Dental.

Why is Dental Implants in Costa Rica better than others Dental Clinics?

Everyone deserves to have white, bright teeth and healthy gums. However, broken or decayed teeth can make you lose your inviting smile and self-confidence. Expressing yourself in public becomes really hard. Dental implants in Costa Rica provides a perfect solution to your missing, broken, or decayed teeth problems. Some of the reasons why dental implants in Costa Rica is better than others Dental Clinics include:

Dental Implants in Costa Rica is Cheap

One of the major benefits of going on dental tourism to Costa Rica for your implants is the cost involved. The cost of dental implants in Costa Rica is relatively cheap when compared to the United States. With about $1,200, you can get your implants fixed in Costa Rica. All-on-four dental implants in Costa Rica starts at about $7,000. By travelling to Costa Rica for your implants, you can save about 50 to 70 percent on the procedure.

Well-Experienced Dentist Will Perform Your Dental Implant Procedure

One thing that set dental practices in Costa Rica apart from other nations is the fact that they only employ certified, well-experienced dentists. These dentists have been through comprehensive professional training and have been certified to perform dental implants on both children and adult patients. Hence, you can always anticipate exceptional results that will make you feel extremely happy.

Dental Practices in Costa Rica make use of State-Of-The-Art Dental Equipment

In the dentistry world, Costa Rica remains a pacesetter. Dental practices across the country now make use of state-of-the-art dental equipment and advanced technique for various dental procedures and services including implants, exams, and so forth. This provides you the needed reassurance that you will be provided with a safe, reliable, top class dental service while making use of modern technology equipment.

Dental Practice in Costa Rica offer Guarantee on Dental Implants

Most dental clinics in the United States do not offer an explicit guarantee on dental implants. Some will fix complications that occur immediately after the procedure. You will be given limited recourse if your implants fail after a year. 

However, dental practices in Costa Rica offer about a 3-year guarantee on your dental implants. Thus, you have the needed peace of mind that, no matter what transpires during this period, you are well covered.

Also, fixing an appointment for your dental implants at America Dental in Costa Rica is easy compared to others Dental Clinics. Our dentists will attend to you promptly. Thus, saving you the stress of queuing for long hours.  Visit us today at America Dental to know more about our dental procedures. We guarantee you excellent services that will surpass your expectations.

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