Why pay more for dental implants in the US, when you can get your implants done for half the cost at America Dental? At America Dental, we offer affordable, well-detailed dental services. We specialize in providing various dental procedures including all-on-four implants, dental implants, and holistic dentistry. Our procedures are perfect to restore the lost glory of your teeth.

For several years now, we have been arranging affordable dental vacations for our patients and their families. Our dental vacations offer you an excellent opportunity to meet with the dentist, perform your dental implants, and explore the beautiful Costa Rican cities. The dentavac includes luxury amenities, accommodations, and transportation. We are the perfect fit to offer you a brilliant smile without breaking the bank.

Affordable Dental Implants at America Dental

Nova Dental is another dental clinic in Costa Rica. A lot of American citizens pay up to $4,000 for an implant in the US. Patients that do the all-on-4 implants in the States may need to cough out about $24,000. This is quite expensive. As a result, some of these patients need to take high-interest loans to fix the implant.

Rather than paying the expensive cost, you can simply travel down to Costa Rica to have your implants done. Unlike in the United States, you can get your dental implants fixed in Costa Rica for about $1,200. You can also get your all-on-four implants done at a relatively cheaper cost. For affordable implant procedure in Costa Rica, America Dental is the ideal place to turn to. This way, you will be saving up to 50% on the procedure.

Fixing Appointment at America Dental is Easy

At America Dental, we care a lot about our patients. We understand that your time is important to you. Hence, we always provide excellent and prompt services. In Costa Rica, we have made fixing appointments relatively easy. We save you the stress of waiting in a long queue for hours before you finally get to see the dentist.

Whether you want to fix a bridge, an implant, or you want to replace all your missing teeth, our dental professionals will attend to you promptly. Our implant procedures are fast, reliable, and effective. Our dentist will be available to speak with you and offer a fast and effective solution to all your dental challenges. We also provide free consultations. When you visit our dental practice, you are getting dental services of excellent value.

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Save yourself the stress and cost it takes to perform dental implants back at home. Turn to us today at America Dental. We offer affordable, detailed dental services that can be personalized to your dental needs.

Our dentists here in Costa Rica will be available to speak with you and discuss your dental options. We will recommend the ideal procedure for you. With us, you are sure to restore your bright teeth and beautiful smile. An amazing experience awaits you.

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