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How to Choose a Medical Spa For Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth:

Step One: Analyze your goals. If you’re not sure what your objectives are in treatment, it will be difficult to find a clinic that is able to meet your needs. Figuring out what your objectives are may mean a consultation with the staff at one or more clinics. Their expertise can often help to clarify what treatments can and can’t do for you, so take advantage of your professional consult with a pen and paper in hand and a list of questions you want answered. Ethridge Medical Spa offers a wide range of treatments in both plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures designed to help you look and feel your very best. Consider Ethridge in your search for the best plastic surgery in Fort Worth.

Looking into body sculpting? Ethridge is a proud provider of new BodyTite treatment that can deliver superior results to liposuction, since BodyTite not only removes stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise, it tightens the skin as well. If you’ve been looking into a treatment that can sculpt the body with very little down time and quick recovery, consider clicking on the ‘Body’ link and selecting ‘BodyTite’ from the results- you’ll love what you see!

Mommy Makeovers are extremely popular with young mothers, since having a baby can take a significant toll on a woman’s body. The unique combination of procedures that a Mommy Makeover consists of targets specific areas that the patient is looking at for improvement, and may include breast lift, breast augmentation or reduction, a Tummy Tuck, liposuction or other procedures. Speak with Dr. Ethridge at your consultation about your goals to create a custom Mommy Makeover to restore your body shape and skin firmness. Call Ethridge Medical Spa at 807-921-5566 to schedule an appointment.

Liposuction can deliver results that are quite satisfying for patients at Ethridge clinic. If you’re looking to eliminate bulges or areas of fat that you’re dissatisfied with, liposuction is often the best procedure. The staff at Ethridge Medical Spa can help you determine the best type of treatment to target fat in your waist, thighs, buttocks, hips or other area you may want to sculpt. Ask for a comparison of BodyTite and liposuction at your initial consultation.

Ethridge can improve the size, shape, and firmness of your breasts with a menu of options designed to increase, decrease, firm lift or reconstruct the breasts. If you’re not satisfied with your breasts, visit the website and look through before and after photos of breast surgery to see the results you can expect after plastic surgery. Fort Worth Medical Spa, Ethridge, is committed to finding a solution to help you achieve your goals.

Financing is available for Ethridge patients, with several options to fit your budget. Prosper Healthcare Lending is able to lend $35,000 with no collateral on the loan. Immediate decisions on loans are made over the Ethridge website when you apply for a Prosper loan. Just click on ‘Submit a Loan Inquiry’ to get started or call Ethridge at 817-921-5566 to speak with someone now.

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