San Jose Costa Rica Dentists Our San Jose, Costa Rica dentists at America Dental are committed to delivering an exceptional dental vacation experience from start to finish. Let our staff plan the perfect luxury vacation inclusive of your quality dental care, premium accommodations, transportation, and more- all for less than what you would pay elsewhere. San Jose Costa Rica Dentists

Midtown Dentist
Dr. Judy Sturm and Associates

Are you looking for a new midtown dentist? Consider Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates to maintain your beautiful smile. Our commitment to an exceptional new patient experience includes painless dentistry and a multitude of procedures and services. It starts with a consultation visit to assess your objectives.

Non-surgical Fat Reduction Midwood
Get immediate results that are better than weight loss with non surgical fat reduction in Midwood. Our staff uses the latest in technology to freeze fat and remove it from areas of your body where dieting and exercise may not be working. Cool Body Contour is the safest, most effective way to eradicate stubborn fat from the body.