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Chances are, that if you live in the States and you are reading this, you already know how expensive dental treatments are. You may or may not have insurance, either way, treatments all over the states are just too expensive, and this doesn´t necessarily mean they are top notch. This is one of the main reasons dental tourism has raised and thrive so much over the past few years. Some countries over the world have achieved an outstanding level of specialization in complex dental treatments and thanks to several reasons they are able to offer premium dental treatments at affordable prices.
Costa Rica is one of the top countries in the world as dental tourism destination, known not only for its natural beauties and affordable prices but also for having some of the most talented and well-prepared dentists in Latin America.
Before we go on with some of the top reasons Costa Rica might be the right dental tourism destination for you, we just want to clear out that there is no reason to believe us blindly, check out this testimonial and hear it from the patients.

Ready? Let´s jump in

In and Out in less than a week.

Thanks to some serious advances in technology nowadays patients can go through complete treatments in less than a week. Surgical guides enable the doctor to operate with millimetric precision and reduce swelling and therefore recovery time to a minimum.

If you add this to the fact that there are more than 15 states on the U.S with direct flights to Costa Rica, you can receive a dental treatment and be back home in less than a week. This is not only great news because we all got things to do in our daily lives and it is tough to set them aside for a couple weeks to do anything. It is also great because this way you are able to save money on transportation, tickets, accommodation, and food. Most direct flights from the U.S range from $250 up to $700 depending on the season, and won´t take more than a couple of hours the closest one (probably Miami).


Costa Rica is quite affordable. From the ticket to the accommodations and treatment you may be able to save more up to 30% or even 50% of the cost back in the states. Lots of people love this not only because they are saving money, and that is great! But also because it enables them to plan other things, a quick trip to the beach, some days of traveling and getting to know another country, and still saving money.

It is important to point out that we do not cut back in materials, we use top-notch implants, equipment, and facilities. On the other hand, as we stated before, we are a big deal about our patients and have designed special packages that include everything from airport transportation to accommodations and the treatment. Check out our All On 4 Special Price.

Bilingual country

We are not going to lie, we are a great deal for our patient´s comfort. So everyone in the clinic is fluent in at least two languages. But there are some places around the world were dental tourism has begun to flower were the patient feels comfortable on the clinic because everyone speaks English, but in the dinner, hotel or city in general not so much. Luckily for us and for you, this is not a problem in Costa Rica. English is a second language in Costa Rica, and most “Ticos” are quite fluent and comfortable speaking it, so whether you are on the clinic or enjoying a getaway to the beach before your treatment you´ll have no problem whatsoever with this matter.

Tropical Paradise

Well, some of our patients take advantage of the trip to visit some of the natural beauties Costa Rica has to offer. And sincerely, we don´t blame them. Costa Rica has both, mountains and beaches a couple hours away from the capital, San José.

So it is a great plan to seize the opportunity and travel. We recommend you to visit some places, and also have a small list of activities you can do pretty much anywhere in Costa Rica and are quite memorable and fun. If by the end of this article you still have any doubts or concerns we want to hear about them, so please don´t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is always willing to help you with any hesitations you might have and offer you proper advice.

Tropical Paradise

Friendly Advice

It is understandable if after your treatment you just want to go back home. But we can´t resist to remind you that Costa Rica offers you wide variety of exotic destinations, so close to where you are going to stay.

So if you want to take a friendly advice. We are gonna list you some places you ought to visit if you want to travel. There are several reasons for this recommendations. They are beautiful, unique landscapes that a lot of our patients have enjoyed before. Also, they are quite close, some even more than the others. Finally, we also recommend this places because they are one of our own favorite ones.

Places you should visit

Arenal Volcano
National Park
Poás Volcano
National Park
Manuel Antonio
National Park
Biological Reserve
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