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Meet the all on 4 and holistic expert: Dr. Vargas!

With more than 12 years in all on 4 and dental implants in Costa Rica, Dr. Vargas is our own dental specialist. He has helped and reviews over 2000 international patients with satisfying results and long lasting smiles. Ignacio Vargas is a cosmetic dentistry and implantology expert.

Dental implants and all on four testimonials

  • steven woods testimonio
    I had an All On 4 procedure done in America Dental in Costa Rica. Some time ago I receive an estimate for the same procedure back in the States, but it was so expensive I just couldn't afford it. So my teeth were just getting worst and worst, a friend of mine told about how advanced were things here. I was skeptical at first, but once I got here I found out how amazing the work here really is and a third of the price. It just makes you wonder if we really have the best medical doctors in the U.S.
    Steven Woods
  • Full mouth reconstruction, Robert Mc Call
    I had a Full Mouth Reconstruction at America Dental. It is a big job to replace all your teeth but it went very quickly and very smoothly. Dr. Vargas was available to achieve in two weeks what in the US would be over two months of treatments. I believe a got my self a better job than I would have at home and a fraction of the price. I am very Happy, I saved time and money and I got better results, he is a perfectionist and did an outstanding job.
    Robert Mc Call
  • Karen Marciano testimonio
    I had my dental crowns done at America Dental in Costa Rica. I was afraid at first but they did a great job, Costa Rica is such an awesome place and the team just make you feel like family. Dr. Vargas know what he is doing, I have no words for him. I couldn't have afforded it back in the States, at least three times what I paid here and not as good as the work made by the Dr.
    Karen Marciano

Our Philosophy: "Your smile is everything to us"

We believe that the road to success is a combination of a great, well prepared human talent and the latest technologies available. This is how we achieve great results with a patient center experience. Each service starts with a free consultation, and focus on providing the best treatment available and fast recovery for our patients. This is achieved through top-notch dental equipment and great care for our patient.

Our Specialties:

Dental implants

Dental implants in Costa Rica are a great option for U.S patients. They long-lasting alternatives for patients with missing tooth. Our abroad certified team specializes in providing our patients with a personalized service and dental implants treatments. Follow the link to check out a complete guide about dental implants our experts prepared for you.


All on 4

The All On 4 is a revolutionary and cost-efficient procedure to help out toothless or teeth decayed patients. You can save up to 50% of its cost by receiving the all on 4 done in our clinic in Costa Rica. Follow the link to learn more about the procedure, its cost, and additional details.



Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a discipline that treats not only your teeth but the mouth and the rest of the body and their relationship. With an in-depth one on one consult with our experts, we are available to provide a full, diagnosis and intervention utilizing compatible biological materials. Follow the link below.



Reason #1

Dental implants and all on four in Costa Rica may cost up to 50% less than in USA.

Reason #2

Mora than 15 cities in the USA have direct and affordable flights to Costa Rica.

Reason #3

Often referred to as a tropical paradise, Costa Rica is also known for its premium quality thus affordable dental treatments.

Smart Certified, IAOMT, IABDM, HDA, Wise- traditions
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