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The term holistic means "global". Holistic dentistry is born as a discipline that not only treats teeth independently but also attends to the relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body. Even the emotions, the way of being and the behavior of the patient may have a direct relationship with oral health. Each person is unique, so it is logical to think that not all people respond equally to the same stimuli.

It’s because of this that our treatments are different for each person, with personalized attention we take care of each patient according to their needs.
At America Dental, we are committed to giving you a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, innovating and offering the latest techniques in all dental specialties, so you with us you can enjoy advanced holistic dentistry Costa Rica.
So, basically, we believe know that if you take care of your mouth, you are taking care of your whole body.

We know that the mouth plays a very important role in the functioning of your whole organism. First and foremost, oral lesions can be a symptom of deficiencies in the rest of the body, such as vitamins or minerals.
On the other hand, an infection in the oral cavity can pass into the bloodstream, thus affecting the rest of the body. These are just a few examples, of what can go wrong in your body if you neglect your mouth’s health.
To know these symptoms and consequences it is necessary to contemplate a dental treatment from a holistic dentsitry perspective; in our clinic, located in San José, Costa Rica, we don’t treat a disease or condition, but a patient.
We promise to deliver a nice smile and healthy teeth and also assure you that these changes will benefit your overall health.


Our Holistic Dentistry system meets all the needs that may arise:
First, all the problems of the patient are studied in depth, both in the oral cavity and in the rest of the organism. Once the causes are found, solutions can be established. In America Dental we only use biocompatible materials and techniques.
Dental treatments are performed in a way that there are none physical charges that affect the body. For example, it is done through the use of compatible biological materials that are previously tested on the person. In addition to studying your case, we will make a diagnosis and complete treatment plan.

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