Robert Mc Call

I had a Full Mouth Reconstruction at America Dental. It is a big job to replace all your teeth but it went very quickly and very smoothly. Dr. Vargas was available to achieve in two weeks what in the US would be over two months of treatments. I believe a got my self a better job than I would have at home and a fraction of the price. I am very Happy, I saved time and money and I got better results, he is a perfectionist and did an outstanding job.      

Victoria Solis

I visited America Dental to receive dental implants in Costa Rica. I had some implants back in the United States, but here, at America Dental were way better. The recovery time was considerably less, I paid a fraction of the cost and they make you feel like a queen. They have a very kind team and great results.  

Michelle Sandfield

Florida, USA.

I have progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis and I came to see Dr. Vargas here in America Dental because in Florida the quotes that I received were way overpriced. Actually, I pass over a year without teeth and not even talking or smiling. To live like that is not living, I'm glad really glad and thankful for the treatment and service a received here in America Dental.

Stoney Vinning

Texas, USA.

I'm a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas and I was born with tetracycline staining, as a result of this condition my smile was discolored and that hurt me in the performance of my career because it brought some confidence issues. After visiting America Dental the issue was long gone. Thank you America Dental.  

Steven Woods

I had an All On 4 procedure done in America Dental in Costa Rica. Some time ago I receive an estimate for the same procedure back in the States, but it was so expensive I just couldn't afford it. So my teeth were just getting worst and worst, a friend of mine told about how advanced were things here. I was skeptical at first, but once I got here I found out how amazing the work here really is and a third of the price. It just makes you wonder if we really have the best medical doctors in the U.S.



Georgia, USA

I visited America Dental in Costa Rica twice already, one for a bone graft and root canal procedure. The second time I had a Dental Implant and I am really happy with the results. I brought my wife with me this time to enjoy and she had some procedures done too.


Steven Smith

Texas, USA

I spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, and have been a client in America Dental for over 3 years. I had no only Dental Crowns and routines cleaning but I also had a Dental Implants about two years ago. My experience with the America Dental treatments and team has been superior. I really love the fact that everyone in the facility speaks English, it made communication really easy.  

Karen Marciano

I had my dental crowns done at America Dental in Costa Rica. I was afraid at first, but he did a great job, Costa Rica is such an awesome place and the team just make you feel like family. Dr. Vargas know what he is doing, I have no words for him. I couldn't have afforded it back in the States, at least three times what I paid here and not as good as the work made by the Dr.


Robert Chambers

I visited Costa Rica to spend my vacation here, but I had the chance to be checked by Dr. Vargas and have an estimate on Dental Crowns and Fillings procedures. It feels fantastic to have my bite back and I am very happy with the procedures. The team was just amazing and very friendly. Highly recommended.


Johnny Glen

Texas, USA

The work and staff were fantastic. I appreciate how Dr. Vargas was really sensitive to my needs. Costa Rica is great for vacation and people are very friendly. We had vacation and the procedure and it was still a fraction of the cost of just the dentist back in the states.
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